Our Story

Redding Leather & Supply Co has been a long time in the making. Our designs are inspired by what we love - travel, good times and good friends. While we are founded in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains we draw inspiration from all over the world. Our experiences blend into our designs and products. These products are designed and handcrafted for a lifetime of use. 

Back to the beginning - I’ve always been interested in quality handmade products that are truly unique and one of a kind. Pouring through websites to find the best products and 'behind the scene' stories was my main method of procrastination during the long hours of my previous finance job. I’ve always had this vision in the back of my head to have a store, curated by myself, which provides these makers and craftsman an outlet to sell their unique high-quality goods under one roof with quality and interesting story at the forefront of each product sold.

Leather goods were never meant to be the focus, but would have definitely played a feature role due to its strength, character, and beauty. I didn't expect to be the one designing and crafting the products. However, one day I found myself at a local leather supplier to find a local crafter for a custom project and I was instantly drawn in. I spent the next 3 hours pouring through hides, holding the tools and an obsession was born. This creative outlet quickly took over my life, every spare minute revolved around improving my skills or making something new. This passion has only continued to grow deeper every day.

Redding Leather & Supply Co. was the result of these two passions. We are currently focusing on leather goods, but the goal is to blend these two passions into its own unique brand where you can come knowing you will get a quality product made in North America. Your support in helping us achieve this dream means everything and we look forward to evolving with you!